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A WordPress pagination plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently.

35 million sites in the world. 38,576 Page-Links Plus downloads 34,961,424 to go.

There isn't a WordPress user on the planet who couldn't benefit from Studio Hyperset's WordPress pagination plugin. Single page option; automatic pagination; Ajax pagination; scrolling, style and parameter management -- Page-Links Plus has it all.

And even more's on the way. Learn more in this video.

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How can Page-Links Plus help me?


Most paginated web content includes a "view as single page" or "view as single article" option. Natively, however, WordPress page lists do not include this option.

The free Page-Links Plus Single Page module adds this option to WordPress page lists.


It can be challenging for WordPress non-developers and lay users to style page lists and manage wp_link_pages(); parameters.

The Page-Links Plus Pagination Controls module helps site admins manage associated parameters and integrate and manage HTML elements and CSS classes and id's with WordPress' intuitive administration framework.


Managing WordPress pagination with inline tags is tedious, inexact, and time-consuming.

The Page-Links Plus Auto Pagination module is a site-wide management tool that allows you to paginate pages and posts quickly and uniformly without splitting sentences or words or creating widows, orphans, or trailing headers.


Lengthy pages and posts may create unwieldy, wider-than-preferred page lists.

For posts and pages with high word counts, the Page-Links Plus Scrolling Pagination module helps WordPress users integrate custom-length, scrolling page lists.

Horizontal Ajax Pagination

Vertical Ajax Pagination


Get the Solution

Stop digging through theme code and individual posts and pages. As an integrated, comprehensive pagination solution, Page-Links Plus helps developers, site managers, and lay users manage pagination with WordPress' intuitive administration framework.

Single page option

Paginate with Ajax

Customize page lists

Manage HTML elements

Automate page breaks

Manage parameters, classes & ID's


Get Started

Page-Links Plus Modules

Studio Hyperset built Page-Links Plus for one reason: to provide the WordPress community with an integrated, comprehensive pagination solution.

Certainly, there are other pagination plugins, many of which are free, but these solutions, more often than not, extend only one facet of WordPress’ native pagination features and hardly ever work well together. Such plugins may offer WordPress publishers the ability to add a single-page option, style page links, and customize pagination layout and contents, but only Page-Links Plus offers all these elements in a holistic framework.

So whether you’re a WordPress developer, site manager, or lay user, Page-Links Plus can help you set up, customize, and manage your site’s pagination quickly and easily.

Free Module


  • "Single page" option



  • "Single Page" Option
  • Style Page Lists
  • Manage Parameters
  • Ajax Pagination Option

Auto & Scrolling


  • "Single Page" Option
  • Custom-length Scrolling Page Lists
  • Auto Paginate by Paragraphs / Words / Pages

PLP Complete


  • "Single Page" Option
  • Style Page Lists
  • Manage Parameters
  • Auto Paginate by Paragraphs / Words / Pages
  • Custom-length Scrolling Page Lists
  • Ajax Pagination Option


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