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    Can this plugin used for breaking rows of product blocks into pages? I’ve an eCommerce site where the page is filled with products displayed in grid. They’re blocks arranged in columns using short code. The short code looks like this for a 3 column layout….

    [one_third]Product Content[/one_third]
    [one_third]Product Content[/one_third]
    [one_third_last]Product Content[/one_third_last]

    It’d be great if that’s possible ‘cos my products are growing in numbers and the page is getting a little too long. Taking too much time to rearrange the <!–next page–> just to have a fixed number of products on each page. Very tempted to buy PLP but not sure if it works for my case.

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    Studio Hyperset

    Hi, Martin:

    First, thanks so much for your interest in PLP.

    Second, I’m not 100% sure I understand how the RWD shortcode columns you describe relate to pagination. Perhaps you could email an example page to

    If you’re using “nextpage” tags successfully already, PLP will help you automate pagination. The plugin is essentially a glorified hook for this function:

    And that function would be unaffected by the presence of the columns. PLP would simply help you automate page breaks according to paragraphs, pages, or words. (See the “Auto Pagination” tab on the demo site.)

    Thanks again for your interest in PLP!

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    Email sent. 🙂

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