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Does PLP Support Custom Permalinks

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    Johnny Cheng


    I’m trying to resolve some erroneous behavior regarding using PLP Complete on one website where pagination won’t work beyond the 9th page (i.e. 10th page, 11th page, and so on always goes back to the 1st page). I have emailed the plugin author about this issue.

    This signature can be observed here:
    if you click on the links (“Day 9”, “Day 10”, “Day 11” or go to “Day 8” and click on “Next”), they all go back to page 1 instead of the correct pages.

    Interestingly, this signature is not observed on the old WP website:

    So besides the theme, the difference between the 2 sites is that the new one with the signature uses custom permalinks whereas the old site that’s working properly does not (uses the standard WP permalink /%postname%/).

    The question I’m asking here is whether the signature I’m seeing is a result of using a custom permalink. Or if PLP in general supports using custom permalink or are we restricted to using the standard WP pre-defined permalinks?


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    Studio Hyperset

    We traced this to a local permalink issue via email.

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