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    Studio Hyperset

    Recently, we had a user email the following:

    I’m interested in Page-Links Plus but have a couple of questions:

    1. When the vertical Ajax pagination feature is enabled, can I print/create a PDF version of the entire post or page?
    2. If I include a table of contents at the top of a post when the vertical Ajax pagination feature is enabled, will the HTML anchors work past the viewed break?

    At the moment, the “?singlepage=1” URL parameter doesn’t work when either of the Ajax options are enabled. As such, users won’t be able to print the entire document without first scrolling through to the bottom.

    We’ve also tested the anchor link strategy the user outlines, and, as of v.2.3.2, it doesn’t work either, unless you first scroll through the entire article.

    What sort of interest would there be in supporting both or either of these features?

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