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First, download, install, and activate the basic Page-Links Plus plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. (It’s free.) This will create a new top-level admin menu titled “Page-Links Plus” where you can globally enable/disable the single page view.

If you’re unfamiliar with installing WordPress plugins, please read this page from the Codex.

After you’ve installed the basic plugin, you can purchase and add individual modules.

Install each module as you would any WordPress plugin. However, please note that a dependency exists between the Auto Pagination and Scrolling Pagination modules and you must install the former (Auto) before the latter (Scrolling).

If you purchase all three modules, it’s best to install them, and the basic Page-Links Plus module, in either of the following orders:

  1. Page-Links Plus (basic)/Single Page
  2. Pagination Styles
  3. Auto Pagination
  4. Scrolling Pagination
  1. Page-Links Plus (basic)/Single Page
  2. Auto Pagination
  3. Scrolling Pagination
  4. Pagination Styles

If you purchase only the Auto and Scrolling Pagination modules, it’s best to install them, and the basic Page-Links Plus module, in the following order:

  1. Page-Links Plus (basic)/Single Page
  2. Auto Pagination
  3. Scrolling Pagination

If you purchase only the Pagination Style module, it’s best to install them, and the basic Page-Links Plus module, in the following order:

  1. Page-Links Plus (basic)/Single Page
  2. Pagination Styles


To discuss Page-Links Plus with the developer and other users, please use the following resources. If you’re interested in Studio Hyperset's other WordPress plugins, please click here.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter (#pagelinksplus)
  3. Get Satisfaction
  4. WordPress Forum


As "Page-Links Plus"

2.2 (forthcoming)

  1. Optimized update procedure.
  2. Miscellaneous adjustments and fixes.
    1. Single Page (1.2)
      1. Minor adjustments to accomodate Auto Pagination 1.2.
    2. Auto Pagination (1.2)
      1. Added the ability to auto break pages by word count ("I want each page to break after x number of words") and page total ("I want this long page/post to = x number of pages").
    3. Pagination Styles (1.2)
      1. Added Ajax pagination option.

2.1 (2/1/14)

  1. Added localization support.
  2. Introduced "Sample Anatomy" preview to Single Page and Scrolling Pagination modules.
  3. Added support for custom post types.
  4. Added the ability to customize page lists on a page-by-page and post-by-post basis.
  5. Added a "restore defaults" option.
  6. Added a WP-like one-click update feature.
  7. Made "Sample Anatomy" a live preview.
  8. Miscellaneous bug fixes, logic adjustments, security enhancements, reliability improvements, and UI tweaks.
    1. Single Page (1.1)
      1. Added the ability to customize "Single Page" link words.
      2. Added multiple class support for "pagelinkswrapperelementclass" and "linkwrapperelementclass."
    2. Auto Pagination (1.1)
      1. Miscellaneous compatibility fixes.
    3. Scrolling Pagination (1.1)
      1. Added customizable "firstpage" and "lastpage" options.
      2. Added ability to customize default scroll marker (" ... ").
      3. Added the ability to customize/manage previously omitted WP "paginate_links" parameters.
    4. Pagination Styles (1.1)
      1. Added the ability to customize the default pagination separator ("|").
      2. Added the ability to customize page number links using numbers, words, variables, and/or a combination of both.

2.0 (9/12/12)

  1. Introduced “Page-Links Plus” top-level admin menu item and four module framework.
    1. Single Page (1.0)
      1. Shortcode/HTML fix — Earlier versions of the plugin rendered shortcodes inoperable, and broke HTML formatting, when the single-page view was active.
      2. Globally enable/disable single-page option for pages and posts using admin UI. (v.1.0 “?singlepage=1″ URL parameter maintained.)
    2. Auto Pagination (1.0)
      1. Automatically paginate pages and posts sitewide.
      2. Protection against widows, orphans, trailing headers, and split sentences/words.
      3. Globally override or accommodate existing inline tags.
    3. Pagination Styles (1.0)
      1. Integrate HTML elements and CSS classes and ID’s.
      2. Manage all wp_link_pages() parameters save “nextpagelink” and “previouspagelink,” which are managed via “Scrolling Pagination” module, and “echo.”
    4. Scrolling Pagination (1.0)
      1. Create and manage custom-length, scrolling page lists via admin UI.
      2. Manage “nextpagelink” and “previouspagelink” wp_link_pages() parameters.
      3. Dependent on Auto Pagination

As "Page-Links Single Page Option"

1.1 (3/2/12)

  1. Extra lines fix — In some cases, the plugin added extra lines (via two tags) between paragraphs on the single page-view.

1.0 (2/29/12)

  1. Initial release
    1. Adding “showsinglepage=1″ or “showsinglepage=0″ parameter to any “wp_link_pages()” template tag — e.g., wp_link_pages(‘pagelink=Page %&showsinglepage=1′) — enables/disables a single-page option in lists.
    2. Entering “1″ or “0″ in the plugin’s “show_globally” variable (line 15) adds/removes the single-page option to/from every Page-Link-tag-generated page list site-wide.
    3. Appending “?singlepage=1″ to any URL of any post or page that includes the Page-Link tag will force WordPress to display that page/post as a single page (e.g.,
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